Brian Zeiler-Kligman

Senior Associate

Brian is a Senior Associate in the firm’s Ontario Government Relations practice. A member of the Ontario Bar, Brian has over a decade of experience representing, advocating for and building the influence of businesses in their public policy and regulatory objectives. With a diverse professional background, Brian has expertise in a number of policy areas to meet his clients’ objectives and add significant value to their organizations.

Brian has spent his career at the intersection between business and government, helping both to understand the priorities of the other and create effective public policy that can be supported by all parties. Prior to joining Sussex, Brian worked on environmental regulatory compliance for one of Canada’s largest industries, including driving governmental and operational strategies and monitoring national and international policy developments. Brian has also served in senior public affairs, stakeholder management and advocacy roles at major local and national business associations and worked at a major national law firm. Recognized as a public policy expert in several fields, policy papers written by Brian have been cited by governments in announcing their policies; endorsed by political candidates and incorporated into election platforms; as well as made part of university curriculums. Brian has also authored scholarly articles in the areas of health, social and international trade and investment policy.

Brian holds a B.A. (Honours) from the University of British Columbia, an M.A. (International Affairs) from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University and a LL.B. from the University of Ottawa Common Law School.

In addition to his work at Sussex, Brian is a part-time faculty at York University, teaching International Business.  Brian has also served on several Boards of Directors and several government and university advisory boards and groups.  In addition to his professional roles and responsibilities, Brian is also an amateur stand-up comic.

Report & Analysis | Ontario Provincial Budget 2019
Ontario Finance Minister Vic Fedeli tabled the Progressive Conservative government’s first Budget today, unveiling their first annual fiscal plan since being elected in June 2018. As the government holds a comfortable majority of seats in the Legislature, this was the first of four budgets the Ford Government will table.
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Government Relations in Ford Nation: The Ontario Government Year in Review and Look Ahead
Queen’s Park watchers are well aware of the fast and furious changes experienced in 2018 – from the toppling of Patrick Brown to the ascendancy of Doug Ford to the majority PC government. Certainly, 2019 will offer greater stability in Ontario politics, with the Ford government securely in place. But those expecting a quieter and more predictable year are likely to be disappointed.
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Ontario Government Fall Economic Statement 2018
Today, Ontario Finance Minister Vic Fedeli rose in the Legislature to deliver the Ontario PC government’s first Fall Economic Statement (FES). This highly anticipated event is second only to the provincial budget in terms of the attention paid to the Minister and the Ministry of Finance every year. The budget and the FES, as insiders like to call it, are the two focal points for decision making for Finance too, so in addition to providing a window into the province’s finances, many stakeholders hold their breath on this day, when funding decisions are often made.
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Your Business is Everybody’s Business: The Importance of Social Responsibility and Social Capital in Today’s Business Environment
Fans of economics and economists (I know you’re out there) will remember Milton Friedman’s apocryphal statement that “The business of business is business.” Following his multi-day grilling by Congress last week about privacy breaches connected to his business (but not, arguably, his core business), you may be tempted to ask Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg what he thinks.
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Ontario Budget 2018: Go Big or Go Home
Today, Finance Minister Charles Sousa rose in the Legislature to deliver the Ontario government’s budget, for the fiscal year April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019. This is the last provincial budget to be delivered before voters head to the polls for the June 7th provincial election. It is titled “A Plan for Care and Opportunity” and it is 307 pages long. Our team has prepared a full analysis for our clients and associates.
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Make No Mistake: Writ or Not, the Ontario Election Begins Today
Given that the usually predictable world of Ontario politics has been anything but since the night of January 24th, when Patrick Brown’s world came undone, it is now no surprise that all three major political parties have made surprise announcements, with little to no advanced notice, since the end of last week.
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Ontario: Despite Upcoming Election, Machinery of Government Grinds On
Keen followers of the Ontario electoral calendar will have noticed there’s 120 days (as of Feb. 7) to go until Ontario’s election on June 7. With the current political intrigue and this small window of time available, some might think it’s best to sit on the sidelines through to the election and look to re-engage on your organization’s policy or regulatory objectives once a new government is in place. But that instinct is misplaced.
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Ontario Government Cabinet Shuffle
In what is probably the last such event before the June election, Premier Kathleen Wynne is shuffling her cabinet today, in a move that was both expected and surprising at the same time.
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Ontario Election Year Insights
Happy new election year! The legislative session is paused, set to resume in February (following the Family Day holiday) and leading to an election set for June 7, 2018. So, like we did in October, Sussex thought it was opportune to provide our clients with some insights into what is on the horizon for Ontario public affairs in the first part of 2018.
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Ontario Fall Economic Statement: Fair is Fair
Today, Ontario Minister of Finance, Hon. Charles Sousa rose to deliver an election-ready fiscal update, tabling the 166-page fiscal update with the campaign-ready titled “A Strong and Fair Ontario,” and announcing in Question Period that the Liberals are balancing the budget this year and for the next two years.
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All Tangled Up: Cutting Through Ontario’s Red Tape
Fairly or not, there are rumblings about the cost and difficulty of doing business in Ontario. Hydro rates are a perennial issue; cap-and-trade has added a new business consideration/cost; an increase in the minimum wage to $14/hour is on the way in January, with an increase to $15/hour in 2019.
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Ontario Election 2018 Themes Emerging from Start of Fall Session
As the fall season starts to settle in, election season in Ontario is clearly already in full swing. For Members of Provincial Parliament, the Thanksgiving week break in the Legislature is an opportunity to touch base with constituents and reconnect with local communities. For keen observers like us with a direct interest in Ontario public affairs, and our clients, it is an opportunity to take stock of the first part of the Fall sitting and what it all means for the provincial election in June 2018.
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Ontario’s Approach to Recreational Cannabis: It Finally Gets A Little Less Hazy
Yes, the headline puns will be going into overdrive over the next few days (as always, Sussex looks to be ahead of the curve). Today, the Ontario Government announced the general framework for the legalization of recreational cannabis in the province, when it takes place next summer.
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Canada Day 150 Brings (Mostly) Free Trade Within Canada
It is quintessentially Canadian that beer and margarine have been the driving forces behind internal free trade in Canada.
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