Lauren Goethel

Junior Associate, Municipal Affairs
416-961-6611 Ext. 112

Lauren Goethel is the Junior Associate for the Municipal Affairs Practice at Sussex Strategy Group.  Lauren has an expertise in research and due diligence, which is valuable when crafting policy analyses, detailed strategic assessments, and tailored collateral for clients.  This detailed and tailored information often informs recommended next steps and pathways to success and is a valuable asset to those clients looking to target specific business markets who want to know if the political climate is friendly or prone to red tape barriers.  Lauren also regularly monitors and reports on regulatory changes, policy developments and consultation opportunities related to municipal governments across Ontario and nationwide for clients, so they are always kept up to date on information that impacts their industry.  Lauren also forecasts key and emerging issues as they arise to further identify industry opportunities and potential barriers that could impede business operations.

Prior to joining Sussex, Lauren worked within in the import industry, where she was responsible for operations and logistics of a small business.  She led many successful company projects, implemented insightful solutions, and built lasting relationships with customers and suppliers.

Lauren is active in her community and has volunteered on numerous political campaigns at all levels of government.  This experience ultimately sparked her interest in the complex and intriguing world of municipal politics.  Lauren stays up to date on the latest licensing and regulatory issues, transit and infrastructure projects, recycling and waste management matters, and enjoys collaborating with clients, public office holders and staff alike.

Lauren holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Criminology and Biology from the University of Toronto.

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